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2011 Family

2011 Year of the Rabbit ~


ashton aipia and brandi seno join together in marriage 

Clayton Emi Leesha Heaven Aubrey
Hassard ready for Mele Kalikimaka

Dolphin Boat Sunlight On Water cruise
aukai alakai aipia heading out for dolphin swim
Alakai and Aukai Aipia with Auntie Denise get going

Thanksgiving Feast 2011
best part about turkey day is the bones,skin and fat simmered all night into a magnificent soup. YUM



Cody and Colton enjoying a helicopter ride Honokohau harbor to Keahole airport Kona Hawaii island ...whoooo hooooo :) 

Colton's blowing out the candles on his
Wall-E birthday cake ~  GOOD JOB !

Alaka'i Aipia putting on his mask for a snorkel session  

Kohana'iki Kona Hawaii Surf Location aka Pine Trees cause there use to be pine trees growing near the mangrove swamp that housed thousands and thousands of birds and wildlife.
Progress arrived and destroyed what nature had in mind.....oh well, live and learn is a good thing too....... oh yeah, I really miss our only rain forest on the west side of the big island of 
Hawaii.....the area is called Kaloko..... for some reason it was allowed to be destroyed by our government and hundreds of houses erected.... farm tax right offs comes to mind ...tsk tsk

 Tsunami hits our town Kailua Kona Hawaii March 10th 2011

3:07 a.m. Friday morning

triggered by Japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake that took place hours earlier

 It's Alakai Aipia's 4th birthday and we celebrated at Kawaihae Harbour

Cody Kahulamu is the birthday boy today and he chose to celebrate with his favorite foods of pizza and ice cream floats

Kahakai Elementary School ;  We Recycle Day

Baby Cheyenne's BIRTH DAY
February 16th 2011 Cheyenne Kahulamu

Aukai,Alaka'i,Colton,Cody & we have our first girl child ready to hanau any moment :)  Now that is Super Awesome !

Big Island Scenic Beauty
Holly Brooks, Girlie, Shoyu, Kailua Kona, Hualalai, Mauna Kea Hawaii

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