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G.E.R.D  =  Gastro-esophageal reflux disease

Recipe to help relieve GERD  pains

GERD – GONE    Recipe                                                                                                                                                                      

 by Teresa Jean Aipia

 Kailua – Kona  Hawaii, 96740

This homemade concoction proved miraculous for me in neutralizing acid in the stomach

 and/or limiting it’s disruptions and calming associated pains.  

I hope this recipe also helps you and your loved ones from painful indigestion issues.

GERD disorder homemade treatment;

Grind up in blender for one minute or more then drink 1/4 cup with your meal twice a day

or by it's self . 

I've been having 1/4 for breakfast and  1/4 with my dinner, no more GERD attacks.  

With the excess blended liquid put into a container 

or small 1/4 cup size containers and freeze until your ready to use ;

1. baking soda powder, one tbs.  (make sure it's fresh)

2. ½ cup Aloe Vera liquid 

3. 1 cup fruit juice or any type of milk

4. 1 cup of cold water

5. 1 cup of chopped fruit, fresh or frozen

6. ½ cup of dried fruit 

7. 1 tablespoon of chopped ginger 

8.   sweetener added to suit your taste buds 

9. 1 tablespoon flax seed oil (Omega 3 oil)

10. 1  ½ cups of ice cubes 

~ only the baking soda and aloe vera is mandatory, the other ingredients are interchangeable 

to suit your nutritional needs and taste~

We all have different triggers that set off GERD and maybe you will mix up your own concoction

 that helps you fight off pains and discomfort .  

Good Luck ! 

P. S .  Those getting western medical attention

should probably get their doctor’s OKAY before trying my recipe.

This concoction is not to drink in one sitting, it is for multiple times..

too much aloe vera could be harmful , so go easy , 

don't be adding or drinking more than necessary 



GERD GONE   recipe found here ! 
as my very healthy self-disciplined mother states ; "Our bodies seem to insist we use common sense to stay healthy. "


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