Trader Hall's
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Trader Hall's Hawaiian Village...
was located across the Pali from downtown Honolulu at Kealohi Point, Heeia.... a short distance beyond Kaneohe Town. 
Here one could purchase from a large selection of Hawaiian and South Pacific gifts and curios. 
The location is rich in legends and from here one can see many historical landmarks and the scenic grandeur is still hard to surpass. 

These blessing photos courtesy of Dean Hall who is the son of Clyan and MargieMae Hall who moved to Hawaii and started to work immediately opening The TraderHall's gift shope. 
The Hall's were very nautical and enjoyed their life along the Pacific Ocean, from California to The Hawaiian islands.

David Bray is the Hawaiian Kahu in the photos and he is dedicating/blessing the grand opening of Trader Hall's Hawaiian Village.

My family within this little pieced-together film includes mother nancy warren, father dean hall, grandpa clyan hall, grandma marjorie  originally from illinois and great-grandmother moving to california 1920, then onto the Hawaiian islands.  Remembering Keauhou Bay on the big isle of Hawaii as a child is a delight, the little golf course under the cliff, the billions of centipieds and a huge array of tropical fishes within the bay.  Homemade kimchee and the earthware jars that held that precious delight that my grandmother would make and share with everyone around.  Yum !